SYM aim to offer stimulating lessons supporting the RE and PSHE curricula.  These lessons are tailored to your school's individual requirements and can cover subjects as diverse as Christian Worship, Abortion, Religious Experience and Euthanasia. 

We have also been involved in specialist events such as Relationships Days and Philosophy Debates.  We can also call on local youth pastors to support us on particular subjects, such as Drugs and Alcohol abuse.

Here are some lesson plans which may be of interest to you in your school.  Please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like us to come in and deliver them.

Lesson Plan - Prejudice and Discrimination

Lesson Plan - Sex and Relationships

Lesson Plan - Religious experience

Lesson Plan - Worship



We have developed a prayer space that can be brought into school and set up in a classroom.  The facility is then used over a period of three to five days for all RE lessons.  We explore prayer through a variety of creative stations encouraging pupils to think about the world, their family, their identity, leaving an impression, sorry, thank you etc.  Additional stations are added according to the season or specific stations, as requested by the school, can be considered/developed.

Re:fresh Teachers Pack


"The Re:Fresh prayer space was an amazing event run between 14th-17th December 2015 for us by our friends at Schools’ Youth Ministry. Classes in years 7-12 had the opportunity to visit the Youth Centre adjacent to the school and explore the numerous prayer spaces that had been set up. Stations included an opportunity to express hope for the future, both for individuals and groups facing difficulties around the world. Pupils could also reflect on their own identity and what makes them unique. Other stations included reflecting on what we are thankful for and an area to quieten the mind and achieve a state of calm. Finally, pupils could write on the graffiti wall any questions they would ask God if they ever had the chance to meet Him. The session was designed in a way that encouraged pupils to reflect and explore their own feelings as part of the school’s SMSC (Spriritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) provision and was accessible for people of all faiths, including those who do not consider themselves to be religious. Once again, we would like to thank SYM for such an enriching and fulfilling experience. Pupils have all expressed how much they enjoyed the experience enormously".

Mrs N Morrish

Head of Department, Moulsham High School


Since 2012, SYM have been developing their mentoring program within schools.  The SYM team, which is supported by volunteers, works alongside the school Pastoral team to help support some more of their more vulnerable students.  The mentors meet with students on a weekly basis offering a safe, supportive environment.  This provides time and space for the students to work through some of the issues they are facing and helps them to explore possible ways of positively moving forward.

Please contact Lynsey Crisp at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like any further information on the above.

  • "SYM support our students at Hylands School on a weekly basis and their commitment and dedication has proven to make a significant difference to the lives of these young people. Their mentors are friendly and approachable and keep up to date with recent "trends" and "issues" around young people. The sessions focus on encouragement to speak the truth, to take responsibility for choices made and to explore self-awareness. Our students have reported that they feel supported, listened to and "not alone".
    Jenny Edwards - Pastoral Manager Hylands School
  • "SYM have been supporting students at KEGS for over five years and their contribution to various aspects of KEGS life has been significant. The guidance and support given to Emerge (Christian Union) and it's leadership has been invaluable and has touched the lives of numerous students. In addition, the charity has been a key player in the mentoring process here at KEGS; the help offered to pupils in need has been greatly received. Thank you for the care and compassion you have shown to the pupils and staff of this school. "
    Keith Milliken, KEGS
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